I am American.

I’ve been home for 37 days now.  I’ve gotten past my mopey stage.  Thank goodness; it wasn’t fun.  Now that I’m readjusted, it’s good to be back.  I’ve truly come full circle.  I left the United States ready to embrace a new culture and now that I’m back I’m ready to embrace an old culture, one that’s familiar to me.  I still miss Norway, but I realized that as much as I was able to connect with the people in Norway, I am still American and I can’t change that.  I notice little things about my family, friends, and myself sometimes, and I can’t help but chuckle and think to myself, “How American.”  It’s nice though.  To be able to label things that I grew up doing as something that is distinctly part of my culture.  I have a culture!  I always have.  The only thing that’s changed is now I know what it is. 🙂


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