Norwegian Fashion

Back in the United States I was never a huge shopper.  I loved clothes, but I could never seem to find what I liked.  The whole process of going through store after store with no results was incredibly frustrating.  This combined with my natural tendency to be extremely indecisive protected me from becoming a spendthrift.

Coming to Norway and seeing the fashion and shopping selection here was overwhelming.  I was in heaven.  Finally!  I could find jeans that actually fit.  The United States doesn´t really cater to the tall and skinny type.  And not everything was bright, neon, and tacky.  At first, I held back and would only get items that were on sale…but after a little while I was lured in and couldn´t resist taking advantage of the excellent shopping selection while I had it.  Apparently I have even accrued a reputation for shopping.  I was voted by my class as “Most Likely To Spend All Their Money On Shopping.”  Great.

Out of all the places that I have shopped, Norwegian fashion is my favorite!  This brings me to this post’s original topic: Norwegian fashion.

Seeing what Norwegian fashion is like has been one of my favorite parts of my stay in Norway.  Most girls wear tight jeans and loose tops.  Scarves and converse shoes are fashion staples.  Within Norwegian fashion, there are several subcategories of distinct styles.  Most people wear lots of neutrals, but some use lots of color.  The third style is more difficult to describe…for lack of a better description I would say it is “grungy”.  It is definitely a harder style to pull off, but somehow people make grungy look good!  Europeans and Norwegians in general seem to care a lot more about how they look than Americans.  Here at ACN, people are very relaxed about fashion, but I’m told that in high school everyone dresses up on a daily basis.  Very different from the sweatpants and Ugg boots that I was used to seeing in high school.

Millie’s fashion is the definition of feminine.  When I first met her I was reminded of Reese Witherspoon’s fashion in Legally Blonde.  Like Reese, Millie’s motto could be “Think Pink”.  Her fashion really stood out to me because most Norwegians shy away from bright colors, but color was Millie´s main fashion trademark.

Ida has a much more classic sense of fashion.  Her clothes are very versatile and she can really mix and match how she pairs her accessories.  Even where she wears her outfits are flexible.  She somehow manages to put together outfits that are just as fitting for a business meeting or a party.

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It’s strange how what the people around you wear can have such a huge effect on what your own fashion sense is like.  I find myself liking clothing items that I wouldn’t have liked back in the U.S. now.  I wonder if when I move back to North Dakota my clothing taste will revert or stay the same.


2 comments on “Norwegian Fashion

  1. Naomi Haugen Edwards says:

    Both my grandparents were Norwegians. The Haugens were from near Bergen and Lillihamer. Have hoped to go visit Norway now at retirement, and you make this experience so thrilling.

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