Snow? In Rome?  It snowed for the first time in 26 years in Rome on February 3, 2012. This contributes to the weather erosion of the ancient structures and it’s not too fun for tourists either…

Apparently it is not unusual for Asians to take pictures with random strangers on their travels so they can take them back and show all their friends.  I thought a Chinese man wanted me to snap a picture of him and his family, but the moment I said I would I was suddenly surrounded by five Asian women and was the center focus of the family shot! My roommate managed to get a shot of the second time I was asked to be in a picture.

Say cheese!. . .Why do we say cheese anyway?

Shopping was one of the only areas that I was disappointed in. There don’t seem to be really any chain stores in Rome… (although I did go into an H&M). As a result, a lot of the clothes are really pricey. You can always pick up a shirt for 10 euro from a street vendor, but then you have to worry about quality… I bought a shirt and ended up not even bothering to pack it with me to take home because it ripped.

I felt bad for all of the street vendors. It seems like they were prepared to sell something in any situation! When it rained, *poof* they magically appeared with umbrellas. Where there were romantic candlelit bistros, they suddenly entered with a dozen red roses. When it was cold, they showed up with scarves galore. The problem was sometimes they were there too much. I learned really fast not to make eye contact or show any interest.

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