Day by Day

Here’s all that we did to the best of my memory!  We were able to see all of these sites by foot with the exception of the Vatican.  Everything touristy in Rome is fairly close together so we saved some money by not getting a metro pass.  My feet are pretty sore though!  When we did use the metro to get to the Vatican it was very simple.  There were only two lines.

Day by day schedule:

  • 16th: We arrived in Rome around 5 and it was dark outside by the time we found our hostel.  After checking in, we enjoyed some free pizza and wine (special deal with our hostel) and went for a night stroll.
  • 17th: Our morning trek throughout Rome started at 6:30 a.m.  Yes, we were on a mission.  We managed to visit the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Vittorio Emanuele II Monument, and Roman Forum all in one day.  Then just for the heck of it we tried out a pub crawl that night.
  • 18th: This day was supposed to be a nice break from the previous day of walking, but even though we took the metro to the Vatican, the Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel proved to be quite the workout!  Unfortunately St. Peter’s Basilica was closed but at least we didn’t have to wait in line for hours.  Then to finish off the night, we wandered to Piazza di Spagna just in time to spot a wedding procession going down the Spanish Steps.  We also stumbled upon a huge birthday bash in a mansion (I’m talking red carpet, Lamborghinis, tuxedos, and full-length gowns kind of birthday) and talked to some Italians who were guests at the party.  It was a very random ending to the night!

One heck of a birthday party.

View from the Spanish Steps.

  • 19th: By this time, we were beginning to feel the effects of doing so much everyday so we decided to take it easy.  We saw the Diocene Baths, stumbled into the middle of a street carnival procession (I kept finding confetti in my hair all throughout the day), had some pasta in a cosy bistro, went to a painting market in Piazza Navona, and to top it all off we had a delicious buffet meal in a candlelit outdoor bistro in Campo di Fiori (wine, olives, bread, cheese, grilled meat and vegetables).  Afterwards we bought some Italian chocolate and walked around until we were too tired.

All of the paintings were gorgeous and very reasonably priced.

Free entertainment!

  • 20th: I was exhausted and sick this day, but we ended up once again finding ourselves in the middle of a carnival procession near Piazza de Popolo which cheered me up considerably.  This time there were people on stilts, jugglers, and a poi performance (swinging fire).  Piazza de Popolo also has one of the most stunning views of Rome.

Street carnival by Piazza de Popolo.


More free entertainment…

  • 21th: After all that we had accomplished in Rome my roommate and I were beginning to wonder what else there was to do that we hadn’t done already!  I realized that we hadn’t gotten a taste of what the none-touristy part of Rome was like.  So we meandered into the residential area.  Here we got a completely different vibe.  The dilapidated buildings that look so beautiful next to structures such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum lose some of their luster when they were removed from the beauty of the historical ruins.  But the beauty of the Italian culture is still just as vibrant.
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4 comments on “Day by Day

  1. Darcy! Malika Carter here from Multicultural @ UND. I am simply loving your blog. I read it each week. Beautiful sites you are getting to see.

    • darcielujan says:

      I’m glad that you enjoyed it! You’ll be happy to know that I have enrolled in a Norwegian class for next semester! If only I could have taken it before I went there or during my stay.

  2. Rebecca Gottberg says:

    I don’t see any mention of gelato here?! Hopefully, you did not miss out on that!

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