“Norwegians are very much used to having their own space.”

This week my roommate and I had an especially clean apartment, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to snap some shots!  There is no competition between the dorms at the University of North Dakota and the apartments at the American College of Norway.  The apartments at the American College of Norway win hands down because…

  1. we have our own laundry machine that doesn’t require quarters
  2. the bathroom has heated floors with 6 settings
  3. we have our own kitchen with plenty of cooking supplies provided
  4. the toilet is water conserving 🙂
  5. we’re a five minute walk away from the school

My only complaint is that I don’t have a Norwegian roommate!  It would certainly be a lot easier to experience the Norwegian culture.  The apartments that all the Americans from UND are living in are different from what the Norwegians have.  There are 18 apartments in the building that I live in and only two others have a shared bedroom and large living space like mine.  The rest have separate bedrooms and a smaller kitchen area.  According to the staff it was only natural to give the Americans apartments with the shared bedrooms because, “Norwegians are very much used to having their own space.”  In addition to the building I live in there are also three university-owned houses for students.

So what is it like living in the apartments?  I have to say it is always eerily quiet, even the weekends are strangely silent.  Every Thursday there is a party and people can be heard throughout the night and into the morning, but other than that rowdy neighbors have never been an issue.

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Since my stay in Norway I have only seen one shower curtain; most of the showers just have glass paneling.  The showers are also considerably smaller.  Putting shampoo on can be a bit of a maneuvering act with such limited elbow room!  The heated floors make up for any lack in the shower though!  If I get water on the floor it dries within minutes.  Since we don’t have a dryer, we have to hang dry all of our clothes.  The heated floors nearly triple the drying time.


One comment on ““Norwegians are very much used to having their own space.”

  1. Hello Darcie!

    As promised I wanted to let you know that we here at the UND Multicultural Office are pulling for you. We hope you have a great semester. I’ll be checking your blog often. By the way, your living space looks very cozy and comfortable! 🙂

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