Reflections Before Norway

Application?  Check.  Scholarships?  Check.  Passport?  Check.  Visa?  Check.  Ticket?  Check.  Registration?  Check.  Textbooks?  Check.  Norway?

I’m a To Do list person.  There are very few things as fulfilling to me as checking off a box and having the confirmation that I am moving forward and making good use of my time.  Come to think of it, I can’t even remember being without a pad and pen for my ever-changing never-ending list.  Never-ending until now.  You’d think that ticking off that very last box would be a wonderful feeling.  But as I made that final check next to textbooks I wasn’t very comforted at all.  There’s nothing left to do but wait until I board the plane to Norway.  I can only do so much research.  And no matter how many times I type in “Norway” to Google I still feel completely unprepared for the journey that’s ahead of me.

Honestly, it really hasn’t even set in yet that I am going to Norway.  Norway.  As I sit here and type this up in my dorm room with the buzz of Balls of Fury playing in the background I’m realizing just how far Norway is from North Dakota.  I’m around 4,047 miles from Norway.  Or I guess as they would say it there…Norway is about 6,512 kilometers away from the United States.  But the distance won’t just be felt geographically.  The culture of Norway is entirely different.  When I was applying for the American College of Norway I kept on reminding myself that 33% of Caucasians in North Dakota are of Norwegian descent.  But Norwegian or not, their link with Norway is realistically speaking very… weak.  In fact nothing that I see on the image search of “Norway” on Google looks very familiar.

The more I read about Norway, the more evident this becomes.  They eat caviar for breakfast?!?!  The maximum prison sentence for a murderer is 20 years?!?!!!!  And worst of all…It is frowned upon to wear sweatpants?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

How am I going to survive?

So after taking a deep breath, a look at the dorms I will be staying in there (I basically get my own apartment with a comforter, pillow, sheets, plates, utensils, and cups supplied, my own kitchen, and my own bathroom…), and perusing the prices of traveling from country to country (roundtrip to Paris from Oslo is only 169 bucks) I felt much better.  Norway is going to demand some definite changes from me.  I’ll have to part with my beloved sweatpants.  And say a tearful good bye to my morning ritual of cereal.

But Norway is without a doubt going to be worth it.  The worst part is waiting…


One comment on “Reflections Before Norway

  1. Courtney Lujan says:

    you’re awesome.

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